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Soft Focuses

This is a journaling game about dealing with ADHD. At the end of every night you write a journal entry about a fictionalized version of yourself. They have attempted the same things you have throughout the day, but usually with very different results. Create stats for this new version of yourself and roll on modifier tables to see how different your day might have been.

While the designed version of the game and the bookmark character sheet are priced at $7, the plain text version of game will always be available for pay-what-you-want. There are also community copies of the designed version available if you are unable to. I highly encourage you to donate the money you would have spent on this game to organizations supporting ADHD and other neurodivergent issues. Might I recommend Different Brains?


This game is about trying to see our daily lives through others' experiences. As such, try to keep an open mind and be as caring for this "other you" as you can be. I also acknowledge that everyone's experiences are different and my experience with ADHD is not necessarily the experience of others. I have worked with others to help account for this and wish to be as inclusive as I can be with this game.

This game is also not meant to be a diagnostic or clinical tool of any sort. The designer of this game is not a medical or mental health professional. If you suspect you have ADHD or another condition, please consult your primary medical caregiver or a specialist.

Also of note

I am currently researching a supplement that would include optional modifiers. These will deal with subjects like the process of trying to balance a medication dose, the inclusion of comorbidities, and the effects a menstrual cycle has on a medications effectiveness. I wish to cover these topics with care and need more time to cover them, but rest assured they are being thought of. If there is is something you feel should be included in this supplement, please feel free to reach-out and let me know.


If you try the game, I would love to hear about your experiences with it. If you tweet about it with #SoftFocuses. I will also add more community copies for each thread I see.


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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I'll add the new community copies once a week. If you are from a marginalized community or neurodivergent and there are no community copies left, reach-out and I will add more or send you some directly.

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Hi! As another person in the "brain is staffed by weasels running around in zero-gravity" (alternatively called ADHD) demographic, I'd desperately like to know what font(s) are used on the game page here? It reads smooth as butter (sometimes especially when I'm tired that becomes a other point of brain-friction, yay!) 

This game is an absolutely wonderful idea for just, a kind and comprehensive way to communicate our struggles, and the next time there's someone new and dear in my life who isn't already in the know I'll definitely try and remember this!


What do you mean an alternate version of myself? I already have ADHD in real life :D


😁 The focus of the game is more to help people understand what it's like to live with ADHD. I have included rules for making it easier to play if you have ADHD in the second edition which is being released soon.


Soft Focuses is a journaling game where you retell events of your day through the lens of someone with ADHD. The author has created this game using his authentic experience, and does a great job portraying the symptoms of ADHD.


i'm really glad this game exists!


Thank you for making something like this. It's hard to express how ADHD works.

I don't think I could bring myself to actually play it though - the actual version of me also has ADHD.

It definitely caught my interest when I saw it in the current bundle. :) I might see if I can get some friends to try it based on the "community copies" (or if I can get them to buy the charity bundle!). Would be interesting to see their reactions.

I'm so glad! If you have people that you want to try it, the text only version will always be free. I hope it provides people in your life some extra insight.


Maybe the rules can be bent a little, so it is about an alternate me that does NOT have ADHD.

I have ADHD myself and I plan on checking this game out, turning the premise around to use it as a tool to find out, why things keep shifting my attention away from tasks constantly.

This game is a brilliant effort to show, what it is like. So it would be a great basis for some experimentation, i reckon :)

Thanks C. R. Legge for creating this.


As someone who struggles with adhd this game is not only fun but great for showing how adhd is like in reality.

Thank you! That is exactly what I was going for.


omg i want my dad to try this ;-;


If they do, I hope it helps. 💖

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This seems really interesting but honestly I get the feeling it's not really meant for me. I struggle with ADHD in my real life already, no particular need to add a fantasy me to the list of "mes" that also struggles with the same thing.

I'd definitely like to hear the thoughts of a neurotypical person playing this, though.


I totally understand where you are coming from. I primarily wrote it to help others experience what it is like living with ADHD and do so without the memes and stereotypes. I have had several people with ADHD play it and not have a hard time, but when I played it I found it to be extremely emotionally draining for me. Please remeber to not over do it if you do try it. Also, feel free to pass it along to someone who might want/need to see things from a different perspective. :D


this game would make a great addition to the solo journaling game jam that’s currently running https://itch.io/jam/solo-journaling-rpg-jam/entries


Thanks for letting me know about it! I probably will. :)